Normal urine, fresh urine is a clear transparent solution as well as being allowed to be very slightly cloudy. Urine color can change from colorless to yellowish-orange but is usually a pale yellow.

Cloudy urine causes

Urinary tract infections (UTI), such as bladder infection and kidneys infection, are the common causes of cloudy urine. Urinary tract infection can be primary, also secondary to kidney stone, prostatitis, diabetes, or even as a part of infection which affects the body as a whole.

A harmless cloudy urine is very common in healthy people. The cloudy urine cause is mainly excess crystals in urine due to diet, exercise, dehydration, etc.

When you need to worry about cloudy urine?

If you have the following situation, you need to worry about your cloudy urine and seek medical attention:

If in doubt, the cause of the cloudy urine must be clarified by a urine test.

Cloudy urine color

Cloudy urine mainly shows a brown, red, white, yellow or dark urine. Factors determine the color of urine is the urine composition (impurities in the cloudy urine).

Cloudy urine composition

The reason why your urine is cloudy is that there are many substances present in the urine. These substances are insoluble, or original soluble but separate out from the urine through crystallization. They are suspend in the urine or deposited at the bottom of the urine (vessel). So, your urine looks cloudy, thick, or milky.

Excess turbidity results from the presence of suspended impurities in the urine. These impurities can be determined based on the results of the microscopic examination of urine sediment.

The main impurities causing cloudy urine below:

Cloudy urine symptoms

Cloudy urine is often accompanied by (UTI) urinary tract infection symptoms, kidney stones symptoms:

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