Ingrow Go lotion by Skin Doctors is a potent formula that promises to remove ingrown hair, ugly razor bumps and razor burns from your skin quickly and efficiently whilst leaving you with smooth, clear and bump free skin.

Ingrow Go Lotion :

What is an ingrown hair?

An ingrown hair is a condition where the hair curls back or grows sideways into the skin before breaking through the surface. For some people ingrown hairs are rare and minor irritations but for some these become painful and unsightly and may even become infected.

Most people tend to get ingrown hair on the body as well as facial ingrown hair after they remove ingrown pubic hair with the help of waxing, electrolysis, shaving or depilatory creams. A large number of men frequently get razor bumps as a result of shaving. The razor bumps cause pain, itching, irritation and burning sensation and may also result in infection.

How does it work as an ingrown hair treatment?

The Ingrow Go first cleans out and purifies affected pores and then it gently exfoliates the skin, sloughing away the dry dead skin and releasing the trapped hair in as little as 24 hours, leaving a smooth and bump free skin. The Ingrow Go removes ingrown hair by virtue of its four active ingredients:

How do I use?

To remove ingrown hair completely you need to apply Ingrow Go lotion twice a day to cleansed skin directly on to red bumps and ingrown hairs with a cotton ball. The ingrown hairs and razor bumps usually clear up within 24 hours, some stubborn areas or hairs may take longer.

To prevent razor bumps and to soothe the skin’s redness Ingrow Go may be applied right after shaving. You may also apply Ingrow Go several days before you use depilatory creams and wax strips to achieve successful ingrown hair treatment. To maintain the benefits of this product, men should use the Ingrow Go lotion every day after shaving, and women should apply it several times a week. Ingrow Go may be used to remove ingrown hair over bikini line, legs and armpits. You may also use this product to remove ingrown facial hair after facial hair removal.

Other benefits

This product not only helps to remove ingrown hair and razor bumps but also helps to improve the appearance of:

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