The scientists at NOXO have developed a easy to apply, safe, discreet balm that is simple, effective and convenient. You simply apply this balm under the nostrils and it will desensitize your nose to sugary treats. This product is a lifesavers for busy moms trying to resist the treats you make for the kids and for people with coworkers who insist on bring in donuts, birthday cakes, other sweet treats. How does it work for stopping craving sugar and how can you know that it will work for you?

NOXO was rigorously tested in a 3 weeks of independent trails. Over those 3 weeks the test subjects not only lose weight and stopped wanting sweets, they also found that it worked especially well in helping them loose their chocolate cravings. Tests have shown that when you are smelling NOXO Sweets Control your brain no longer wants sweets. Without the messages from your brain to eat sweets, making sensible food choices becomes easy. Test also showed that not only did NOXO Sweet Control control sugar cravings, it also did not increase fatty food cravings. This means that you will not simply want another problem food to replace the one you no longer crave.

The science of olfactory medicine has finally unlocked the key to regaining our self control. This product provides the muscle you need to finally shut down those little impulses and the cravings for things that you logically know you should not be eating. You can make the choices you want to make in restaurants without being lead astray by all the amazing smells around you. Without a nose for trouble, your diet can finally stay on tract.

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