Eggs are one of the keys to good weight loss for many. Especially if you eat the egg whites, you can get quite a bit of protein and not so much of the fat, though the yolk has its own qualities that can help you to attain better health and weight loss. I’ve personally heard of some body builders that eat raw eggs on a regular basis for their workouts, and that is a little much for me. I have to wonder why not just boil the eggs.

Obviously, the nutrients aren’t going to escape through the shell. But apparently, it works for them. New research actually shows that they also contain various peptides that provide health and wellness as well as skin beauty among other things. These decrease with age and are responsible for quite a few things in terms of your health, beauty, etc. They have discovered many other elements such as embryonic tissue containing Humanofort-A, which is popularly marketed toward body builders for the most part. But it has the obvious benefits you are looking for, and of course this just illustrates that it may have more benefits for muscle building than previously recognized by the average individual.

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